Our Mission

Radical Content meets Radical Form

Ceaseless Fun fosters empathetic and socially-engaged discourse through feverishly philosophical and playfully illicit live performances.

This is done by:

  • Collaboratively devising contemporary and relevant material with both performers and designers
  • Crafting and staging performances in unconventional spaces
  • Affording audiences agency and implicating them within the fiction
  • Presenting the audience with a variety of perspectives and intensely intimate encounters that actively contest assumptions
  • Drawing on and collaging a variety of literary, dramatic, poetic, and philosophical source-texts
  • Challenging the audience to draw their focus from the narrative to the expressionistic
  • Making the work as physically and monetarily accessible as possible


About Us

Established 2016, Los Angeles.

Artistically directed by Derek Spencer; creatively produced by Meredith Trienen.

ceaselessfun@gmail.com, Facebook, or IG