Our Mission

Radical Content meets Radical Form

Radical Content:

We are interested in telling stories and building worlds that actively contest our audiences’ assumptions.
We are interested in opening the lines of communication.
We are interested in critiquing commonly accepted narratives & perspectives.
We are interested in the political, and how it impacts the personal.
We are interested in the personal, and how it impacts the political.
We are interested in diagnostics, but also in solutions.
We are interested in leftism, post-structuralism, and dialecticism.

Radical Form:

We aim to jolt the audience into action.
We aim to implicate the audience in the action.
We aim to surprise the audience with the action.
We paint.
We do not work in a theater.
We do not make work about form.
We do not make work for the academics.
Nor do we make work for the critics, the traditionalists, or the capitalists.
Our work is collaged. Our work is blurred. Our work is expressionistic.
Our work is fun.

About Us


Los Angeles-based immersive performance since 2015.

Artistically directed by Derek Spencer; managerially directed by Meredith Trienen.

ceaselessfun@gmail.com, Facebook, or IG