Ceaseless Fun: Solar Anus

The Solar Anus is the membrane connecting our volcanic impulses to our farcical immolation. It is our genesis and our grave, our glorified self-abjection.

**Solar Anus is no longer available for sale online, but it is not out of print! For details on how to order a copy, please contact us at ceaselessfun@gmail.com**

Ceaseless Fun: Solar Anus is the second Ceaseless Fun volume. Our aim is curate new work from emerging artists around specific concepts. Includes writing and artwork by:
Scarlett Ji Yeon Kim
Rich Kaminski
Derek Spencer
X. A. Li
Morgan Johnson
Katryce Lassle
Rachel Wilson
Jake Noel
Kari Spiegelhalter
David Nasca
Sanam Tiffany