Concept Parties

Public Concept Parties To Be Announced. See below for summary of prior Concepts.

For now, throw your own version of Concept Party 1.


Concept Party 2

A Quiet Night of Toasts and Debauchery

One night, for a friend’s birthday, we went to a Russian restaurant. We were skeptical at the premise: constant food followed by constant toasts followed by constant shots of vodka followed by constant food ad naseum. “You won’t be sick.” We were told. “The carbs and grease will soak up all the vodka, and without the added sugar of mixed drinks or beer or wine, you will experience no hangover.”

Skepticism turned to euphoria as a time-old tradition worked its magic, endowing us with the purest drunken state—clear of the drudgery of your run-of-the-mill drunkenness and imbued with a collective emotional ascendance. Toasts morphed from trite platitudes to lush outpourings; bodies loosened from rigid machines to interdependent amoebas; anxieties bled out their gravity and gave birth to nascent aspirations.

Now it’s your turn. We might not have all the Russian food, Russian décor, or Russian servers, but dammit do we have the Russian spirit. Fight the treacherously brisk SoCal winter as we arm ourselves with the heartiest of foods and the purest of liquid inebriants.

We will provide:
-2 handles of high quality Russian Vodka
-A sufficient supply of water
-Some food

You will bring:
-A dish of your people (ethnic, socioeconomic, diasporic, counter-cultural, ideological, regional, or otherwise related).
———Preferably enough for everyone to have some
———Preferably carb or protein loaded
———Preferably very good
**Limit 2 guests making deserts, sign up now first come first serve**

You will not bring:
-Any other booze
-A naysayer attitude
-Anyone not on the guest list



Glassy-Eyed Etiquette: A Guide to Russian Toasts

Bertrand Russell, “In Praise of Idleness”

Junglepussy, “Nah”

Yale University’s Fall Lecture Series: Junglepussy

Georges Bataille, The Story of the Eye

The Joy of ISIS

Umberto Eco, “Travels in Hyperreality”

Admit it: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ stinks — and here’s why

Santa’s real workshop: the town in China that makes the world’s Christmas decorations

Mary Ruefle, “Merengue”

Concept Party 1

Going-Away/Birthday/Drink-All-of-our-Booze/End-of-an-Era/Fundraiser/Zine-Release CONCEPT PARTY

What are you to do when:
1. Your landlord forces you to move into the attic;
2. Your birthday was two weeks ago, and you have another one 50 weeks from now;
3. You’re about to leave Chicago for good and you:
–a. Have all your stuff in boxes,
–b. Have to get rid of all this randomly-amalgamated, oft-undrinkable booze;
4. Hundreds of zine’s have been shipped to your doorstep and you need to give them all away right now;
5. You have an inextinguishable urge to curate social experiences like a gallery or a museum but all you have are the aforementioned items, a few speakers, and a couple dozen pliable 20-somethings?

Well, you do what they do in all the best movies of our generation: come together for one culminating event, a unified cure for any situational conflicts or dramas that may currently plague your life or ours.

There will be four rooms.
Each room will have it’s own unique cocktail.
Each room will have it’s own selection of curiosities.
Each room will have it’s own selection of A/V elements.
Each room will have it’s own conversation cards, attire code, and rules of engagement.
Each room will have it’s own manifesto and theoretical implications.

There will be a Leave an Item Take an Item Shelf.
Everything in the apartment will be available for sale (for the right price).
Radical expression, anti-social monologuing, and reading books in the corner will be permitted.
Feel free to BYOB, BYOF, BYOmB, BYOD, BYOSP, or BYOATMYRH; just be aware that the hosts might appropriate your goods to the appropriate room.
Enter through the right gate, the back door, and the door at the top of the stairs.
You can sleep here but we don’t have any furniture.

The Ideal Attendee Should:
– Recognize the dangers of bed bugs
– Display a Normcore sensibility as they adapt to the concept of each room
– Have 3-5 years experience in self-indulgence, unethical consumption, shrugging off minor physical injuries, or a related field
– Hate Bein Sober
– Demonstrate their cultivation of a severe distrust for one of the following:
—-The ego
—-The government
—-The police
—-Parents in general
—-Sand between your toes
—-California and the hippie music that comes out of that shithole
– Come at sunset, cum at midnight, leave at sunrise, leave us a little surprise
– Know the difference between a 401k and a 403b


***in all seriousness***
This will probably be the last time you can see us before we leave. Let’s make it count.

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