Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan

An immersive happening by Ceaseless Fun
February 25 – March 7th, 2017

“This is the fractal mojo of immersive working in high gear.” -Noah Nelson, No Proscenium 

The year is 1971, and Ronald Reagan’s California governorship has raised a lot of questions: Is neoconservatism the savior America needs? What are women and what do we do with them? Is consumerism the new psychosis? Why are car crashes turning everyone on? Is the age of Hollywood over? Can American citizens be nostalgic for death? And most importantly, why do I want to fuck Ronald Reagan? Inspired by JG Ballard’s “The Atrocity Exhibition”, Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan is an immersive, interactive work of literary collage.

Created and Directed by Derek Spencer

Performed and Devised by:

Rachel Rivera
Dakota Loesch
Emily Yetter
Scott Monahan

Allegra Masters

Managed and Designed by:

Meredith Treinen

Liam Moore

With assistance from:

Michael Reinhard
Morgan Johnson
Montserrat DTLA
Play Collaborative Arts